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Knave's Knotes

A Family Affair

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About me eh?
Well, the name may suggest that I am some sort of medieval private eye who always gets his man, and star of many a pulp novel. But I'm afraid that that's just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
The fact is, I'm a research physicist in training (no joke), which is actually not as exciting as it sounds. Mostly I spend my time solving differential equations in ways that make mathematicians bleed from their eyes.
The rest of the time I spend building custom lab equipment, which I guess is pretty cool...if you like that sort of thing that is...
I also have a lucrative (read- totally existant) movie-making firm. Our current project, Zomboat (tagline: Welcome Ablaarghgghg!) is expected to gross many millions of your Earth dollars.
What it boils down to is this: I am a Nerd, and damn proud of it...so there