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The most new-found of lands [Aug. 15th, 2006|11:36 am]
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I'm leaving for NFLD this Friday for two weeks, as I do every August. In case you didn't know, my family has some cabins in the woods out there, where we practise satanism....I mean, hang out and work on the cabins....yes...

Anyhow, it's always a good chance for me to recharge my batteries before the school year starts. Especially this year, since I have had a very long summer. Not that it wasn't a good summer, I just worked alot is all...

So I'm going to retreat to the wilds for a while, and have myself a time. I will be incommunicado starting this Saturday, lasting for two weeks. No internet, no TV, no radio, no running water: Pure Bliss.

Work in the lab has pretty much ground to a halt for me, mostly because I don't want to start a new project when I will be leaving in 3 days. Or maybe I have a poor work ethic...

Happy 6-month anniversary, Olya!

From: mayln
2006-08-15 08:39 pm (UTC)
enjoy the trip !
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